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Washing Machine Repair


Washing Machine Repair Service New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida – A well known name in every house hold. None can ignore the efficiency  with which it washes away the dirt. But, everything that works, has to face the wear and tear situation. All, we people have to do is to take the best possible care of such machines in order to increase their life.

The LCD LED Repair Services here offers to help you in this regard. Let it be The Motor, the Agitator, the Water Pump, the Valves, the Pulley or the Timer; we have the solution for every part that doesn’t function properly and needs servicing. For timely and reliable services, you can contact us as soon as possible.


The LCD LED Repair Services provides Washing machine repair services in all major areas of Delhi i.e. South Delhi, Central Delhi, East Delhi and West Delhi. We have services centers for Delhi to deliver repair services in a very less time. Repair covers all brands of washing machine repairs in Delhi.

The LCD LED Repair Services is very popular in providing washing machine repair in Delhi Cantt. Delhi Cantt being a very renowned and a very large area, it may be difficult for people to go to a service center which is not so near to their residence. So in that case, our services will help you as you can call us and in no time we will be at your doorsteps.


1. Samsung washing machine repair in Delhi 

2. LG washing machine repair in Delhi

3. Panasonic washing machine repair in Delhi

4. Toshiba washing machine repair in Delhi

5. Siemens washing machine repair in Delhi

6. Godrej washing machine repair in Delhi

7. IFB washing machine repair in Delhi

8. Whirlpool washing machine repair in Delhi

9. BOSCH washing machine repair in Delhi

10. ELECTROLUX washing machine repair in Delhi

  The LCD LED Repair Services is very popular in providing washing machine repair in Janakpri and Defence Colony and RK puram too. Since all  are  posh  residential areas with top class amenities and high-end shops, many repair services are also to be found there, but we promise you to provide our services like none others.

We also provide washing machine repair in Dwarka and its sub – parts. Dwarka being a sub-city (as it is often called) also would be having people in many corners facing some problems with their washing machines. It may sometimes not seem easy to look for any repair services in the nearby. So we come to you with our best and handy services for your appliance.

The LCD LED Repair Services provides its services in Shadipur also. Besides being an industrial area, it is a residential area too. We have our best and timely services for the appliances of residents living there too.

We, The LCD LED Repair Services are the best in providing washing machine repair services in West Delhi too. People residing in Greater Kailash, Kalkaji, etc. can very easily avail our services with just a call, as and when required. In all of West Delhi, people trust our services as they are timely and the best.


You can find us i.e., The LCD LED Repair Services in North (west and east) Delhi also. In places like Burari, Timarpur, Adarsh Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Karol Bagh, people are satisfied by our washing machines repair services hence we promise to maintain, rather increase this level of satisfaction among our customers i.e., You. Just give us chance (if u haven’t yet) to serve you and we will surely prove our worth. The LCD LED Repair Services provide excellent quality of washing machine repair services for almost all the well – known brands in Delhi and the nearby areas. Starting with LG, we have dealt with a number of problems faced by LG washing machine users in Delhi. So, be free to approach us with your queries if you are an LG user. Don’t take any risk with such a good brand!

We, The LCD LED Repair Services, are continuously providing our repair services to Samsung washing machine users in Delhi. Samsung is one of the best brands, but with these electronic appliances, we can never say when they may go out of service. That’s why we are at your service 24*7, so that your choice remains the best ever for you.

When it comes to wear down of any electronic good, even good brands may fail sometimes. Panasonic has a good name when it comes to washing machines. We are continuously providing our repair services to Panasonic washing machine users and will continue to do so in future as well. We are always approachable with our best ever services for your washing machine.

Brands have no end when it comes to washing machines. Toshiba is a well-known name in this area. Many people are using Toshiba washing machines in Delhi and some are facing wear down problems as well (and it is so common for an electronic appliance). We provide our services for that too and promise to provide you a permanent solution to the defects that occur.

Siemens and Whirlpool washing machines have a number of users in Delhi and nearby areas. Both these are highly praised brands and so the appliances are costly too. Hence, you should never take any risk while going for the repair services for your machines. We ensure you our trustworthy and valuable services. Just waiting for you to approach us for that.

The LCD LED Repair Services has provided its services to Godrej and IFB washing machine users in Delhi. We found so many users of these renowned brands across Delhi facing some problems in their appliances. But these ‘problems’ is not a problem anymore with us around you and at your service. Feel free to approach us via calls or mails and enjoy your washing experience even better!!

We provide all type of washing machine repair services in Delhi for the following problems in washing machine in Delhi:

Washer is not washing clothes properly

Agitator is not working properly

Dryer is not working properly

Water blockage in the drainage pipe

Failed or falling bearing which could cause noise

Display board is not working properly

Any type of inconsistent behaviour of machine

The Company has a very experienced and dedicated team for washing machine repair in Delhi. There may be number of reasons for a washing machine to go out of service like, worn brushes, belt problem, and faulty motor, faulty motor controller and so on and it will take a bit of investigation to narrow down the cause of the issue.

Sometimes, some wire or coin or any metal piece may get stuck in the drum when machine is on. This may hinder the agitator to work properly and hence the machine may stop working.

Machine creating noise may be another problem. Bearings failed or failing cause this. Sometimes the heater doesn’t heat the water properly and obstruct other parts too to work properly. While using the dryer, it is possible that it somehow rotates but doesn’t dry up the clothes!!.Another critical problem that says that your machine needs servicing. The Company have expertise for washing Machine repair in Delhi

Another situation may be like the door of the machine gets locked. Forcing the door to open from the front will result in damage to the door, the latch and quite possibly the lock the cabinet’s in that case it is better to approach us and let us help you in repairing your machine.

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